With the technological innovation today, smart phone and tablet PC become compulsory products for everyone. However, the power consumption of those products is massive and the battery power enduring declines rapidly. Therefore, the portable charger derives from such pitfall in the marketplace. Several kinds of Portable chargers exist in the market but most of
the unreliable makers are selling cheap product with horrible and hazard batteries in quality for consumers.These profit driven makers do not care about safety issue so they indicate the battery power (mAh) in an unbelievable quantity to allure consumers. By doing so, they successfully mislead consumers and generate great sales.
However, if any of the unsafe batteries blasted, it might be too late for the general public to start focusing on this important issue.

Trademendous Corporation is aware of this safety issue and is taking it very seriously. We produce chargers to combine two focal points of safety and reliability with full responsibility. Therefore, we are proudly to introduce our LASTING series power chargers.


Quality is the first priority. All of the mAh indications on the chargers are authentic. The material for charger can prevent it from blast.

Conscientious attitude

Many steps are in placed to check and to test our products.

1. All materials have to pass the component test and ageing test before releasing to the production usage.

2. Fabrication checks go along with production line process. After the battery is completed, functional check and discharging test will be followed to verify all functionalities are working properly and accordingly.

3. Japanese engineers perform the final checkup to confirm all products pass the quality control and can be packaged.
The shipping company checks the packaging as final step before shipped out to our customers.

Battery cell and chargers have passed

international certifications of CE, ROHS, FCC to insure the qualification of our products.